Download your OPMONis version

Important: If you already use OPMONis v1, you need to upgrade your license for OPMONis v2!
You can find information here: How to upgrade from OPMONis v1 to v2?


Download Details
OPMONis – Current Version Version 2.1.4 from 23-NOV-2021
OPMONis – Previous Version Version 2.1.3 from 11-AUG-2021
OPMONis – Previous Version Version 2.0.11 from 26-JAN-2021
OPMONis – Previous Version Version 1.6.3 from 26-JUN-2019
OPMONis – PreviousVersion Version 1.5.1 from 15-OCT-2018

Information about what has changed in OPMONis can be found in the Release Notes


Download Details
OPMONis Instruction Manual (Online) Online Manual v2.1 from 09-FEB-2021
OPMONis Whitepaper (PDF) Whitepaper Version 1.6 from 31-JAN-2019
OPMONis Whitepaper (PDF) Whitepaper Version 1.6 vom 31.01.2019
OPMONis Product Specifications (PDF) Specification Version 1.6 from 31-JAN-2019
OPMONis Produktbeschreibung (PDF) Produktbeschreibung Version 1.6 vom 31.01.2019