Are you already a customer, owning one or more licenses of OPMONis v1 and want to upgrade to the new OPMONis v2?

This is quite easy. Just write a short message to and let us know which license you would like to upgrade. Afterwards you will receive a coupon code by mail. You can buy your new version directly and without further clarification in our store. During checkout you can enter the coupon code and you only have to pay the reduced update price.

English version ‘How to upgrade from OPMONis v1 to v2? ‘
Deutsche Version ‘Wie erhalte ich ein Upgrade von OPMONis v1 zu v2?’

I just bought my license recently, do I have to pay for an upgrade right now?

Of course not! If you bought your license after July 1, 2020, you will receive the upgrade free of charge. A short mail to with your license file attached is sufficient. We will send you a coupon code for the full purchase price of the v2 version.

Interested in the subscription license model?

Of course you are welcome to switch to the new subscription license model of v2 with an existing v1 license. Again, please send a short e-mail to with your license file attached. The coupon code you received can then be redeemed when purchasing a subscription license.

Can I give the coupon code to my partners and friends?

The use of the coupon code is only allowed for your specific upgrade, so the answer is unfortunately no. You can use the coupon code only once, after which it expires.

But of course you may recommend OPMONis to your partners and friends. Just tell us your plans and thoughts and you will receive a personal offer from us.

Can I continue to use my v1 license after the upgrade?

With the upgrade to a v2 license the validity of your v1 license expires automatically and therefore its further use is not allowed.

You want to switch to OPMONis v2, but you think that this offer is not fair?

Write to us. Together we will find a solution 🙂

Is any of your questions still unanswered?

Then please send us your question by mail to

Price table for Upgrade

In the following table you find the regular prices for OPMONis v2 extended by the upgrade prices:

v2 Perpetual v2 Subscription-License
v2 Subscription-License
Upgrade v1 to v2
Coupon Code
for Upgrade
Free ESXI 49,00 EUR
incl. VAT
2,99 EUR
incl. VAT
29,90 EUR
incl. VAT
19,00 EUR
incl. VAT
30,00 EUR
incl. VAT
Small Business 219,00 EUR
incl. VAT
7,99 EURv incl. VAT 79,90 EUR
incl. VAT
109,00 EUR
incl. VAT
110,00 EUR
incl. VAT
Standard 319,00 EUR
incl. VAT
9,99 EURv incl. VAT 99,90 EUR
incl. VAT
149,00 EUR
incl. VAT
170,00 EUR
incl. VAT


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