Today we are very happy to present you our great video on how OPMONis can simplify your daily life.


The Story

This is Peter.
He’s a systems administrator.

Peter used to get nervous when he would leave the office to go home, but not anymore!

And why is that?

Because Peter uses OPMONis.

OPMONis stands for “Operating and Monitoring” of your IT systems. It’s software for Windows, with an intuitive and very easy to use UI, that allows the automatic shutdown of your systems when there is a long-term power failure and the UPS isn’t sufficient, thus preventing corrupt systems during long blackouts.

In addition, OPMONis only needs central installation without agents because it communicates with all the systems over the network, saving time and money.

And for home labs it supports Free ESXi.

Plus, it’s independent of UPS manufacturers, which makes OPMONis compatible with all common UPS brands.

You can get a 30-day free trial of OPMONis from our website!

No registration is required!

Be like Peter and enjoy your free time to the fullest.

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Download 30 day free trial

Get your 30 day trial of OPMONis from Downloads – No registration required!

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