When the power is gone, OPMONis is there

OPMONis is automating the shutdown of your systems (Windows, Linux, even virtualized systems with VMwares´s ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer). Free ESXi supported.

What we can do…

No matter if you are using Windows or Linux in a simple IT-infrastructure, or if you are using the advantages of virtualization (ESXi, XenServer, Hyper-V). If your UPS is not enough, OPMONis will trigger the graceful and ordered shutdown of your systems … read more

Using OPMONis will prevent corrupt systems

How often are you affected by power outages and how high is the risk? In Germany alone there are about 200 000 outages per year… read more

The big advantage of using OPMONis

What can OPMONis do, other solutions can´t do… read more

Technical Specifications OPMONis Monitoring and System Controlling Software

What´s needed and how is OPMONis working… read more.


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