License Information

OPMONis licenses are perpetual licenses for single installation. The license key is provided as a license file.

Available Licenses

Free ESXi Small Business Standard Trial
Number of Controllable Systems 10 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Controllable Operating Systems
ESXi Host 4.5 or newer
ESXi Client (VM)
Free ESXi Host 4.5 or newer
Free ESXi Client (VM)
Commandline Interface
Supported UPSs
APC, Bluewalker (Powerwalker),
AEG, Power Star, Eaton,
Connection, Effekta,
MicroDowell, MGE,
Exide, HP/Compaq, Dell

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Connected by USB or Serial Cable
(data polling with WMI from Windows)
Connected by Network
(data polling with SNMPv1)
  29 € incl. VAT
24.37 € excl. VAT
179 € incl. VAT
150.42 € excl. VAT
279 € incl. VAT
234.45 € excl. VAT
free Trial, expires
after 30 days
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  upgrade to
250 € incl. VAT
210.08 € excl. VAT
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upgrade to
Small Business
150 € incl. VAT
126.05 € excl. VAT
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upgrade to
100 € incl. VAT
84.03 € excl. VAT
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