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    Hi, we have one physical server running ESXi 6.5 Hypervisor Free as the host. Within this host we have 2 x VM’s running Windows Server 2012 R2. We are looking at purchasing a new UPS (Socomec NPR-1700-RT) to connect via USB. Would this be compatible? If so, what is the best practice for setup? The server is not near any workstations to install your software and connect USB cable. It is in a small server room by itself. Do we install your software on one of the VM’s and passthrough the USB connection.

    If this is best how would we setup shutdown procedure order? If the VM running the UPS software is shutdown before the host then the ESXi host won’t receive the command to shutdown. Any help would be appreciated.

    Bernd Holzer

    According to the Socomec homepage the UPS supports the windows HID protocol and should be support by OPMONis without the need of installing any driver or special software.

    Best practice is to run OPMONis on a virtual machine and use ESXi USB passthrough to connect the UPS to the virtual machine.

    The shutdown procedure depends on your needs but best practice is:

    • Configure your ESXi hosts to automatically shutdown the running virtual machines.
    • Use OPMONis to shutdown your ESXi hosts.
      If you disable the “await executen” option OPMONis will only trigger the shutdown but not waiting until the shutdown is performed. The ESXi host will shutdown all VMs by itself (if configured correctly) including the VM OPMONis is running on.
      You should shutdown the ESXi host with the OPMONis VM last.
    • Optionally use OPMONis to shutdown some or all virtual machines. This gives you the benefit to control the shutdown order of your VMs in OPMONis.

    Hope this helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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