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    For OPMONis to control a windows system the following requirements have to be fullfilled:

    • In the Windows firewall settings the rules for “Windows Management Instrumentation(WMI)” have to be enabled. Or the Windows firewall has to be disabled.
    • If your Windows system is member of a domain and you want to use a domain user account you have to look after the “Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)” settings. The domain user must be added to the “Launch and Activation Permissions”


    Windows User Account Control (UAC) and DCOM

    If you use a domain user to shutdown your Windows system and the UAC is enabled you will see a PermissionDenied exception in the OPMONis history, even if the user is a domain administrator. This is because of the UAC which will mask the membership to the domain administrator group when accessing the system over the network.

    To give OPMONis shutdown permissions you have to edit the DCOM “Launch and Activation Permission”. The key is to add the user account explicitly and allow the “Remote Launch” and “Remote Activiation” permission.

    Configure DCOM

    In the “Launch and Activation Permissions” dialog press the “Add” button to select the user account (not a group which the user is a member of) which is used by OPMONis to access the Windows systems. After the account is added you have to check all “Allow” checkboxes for this account.

    Now OPMONis should be able to shutdown your Windows system using a domain account while the UAC is enabled.



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