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    Most Linux servers will work well with the preinstalled sudo commandline wich is provided by OPMONis.

    IF it does not work out as expected, you´ll have to do some minor changes to the system you want to control by OPMONis ( the Linux commands you could use are written bold.)

    1) You have to check if the sudo package is installed ( apt list sudo )

    2) If it is not installed, then install it ( apt install sudo ). If it is installed, just skip this.

    3) Check if the user (as example “opmonisuser”) you have chosen for OPMONis is a member in the sudo group ( groups opmonisuser )

    4) If the user is not member of sudo, add him ( gpasswd -a opmonisuser sudo )


    Now it should work properly. If not, don´t hesitate asking.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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