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    Hello just setup for first time, great looking interface!
    Running ESXi Free –
    I have 2 vm’s, a server VM which is VM 1 and windows 7 vm (used for management).
    I have presented the USB connection via esxi to the windows 7 os in VM 2.
    I installed Opmonis on VM2 – seems very good and can see the apc ups.
    I then added both my VMs to ‘System Administration’ panel within Opmonis – both show as online which is good.

    NB: I set up the systems in Opmonis as ‘windows’ machines is this right or should I have uses ESX guest ?

    The problem I have is that I have added the esxi host server (Free ESXi host) but this is showing as ‘Offline’ however credentials are correct ?

    Do i need to change something on esx host to allow this to work ?

    ESX host is new and currently unregistered.

    Hope this is clear


    Aha! changed to ESXi host (not free) and bingo now shows online!

    Must be due to the fact its not registered as a free one and by default is still full featured trial!

    Bernd Holzer

    Hi Novacore,

    you have to activate the SSH shell on your ESXi host in order to get the free ESXi version working. This is because OPMONis is using SSH to access your ESXi host and manage the running VM instances.

    For your VMs: You can use Windows or (free) ESXi guest. If you use Windows, OPMONis will use WMI to shutdown the system. If your use (free) ESXi guest, OPMONis will use the ESXi host to manage the VM, which is the same way the vSphere (or Web) Client is managing the host or VM instance.



    Thanks Bernd,

    I have SSH enabled now on the VM host server as you advised and I was able to create the ESXi Client VM system which is great.

    So.. Would your recommendation be to have the ESXi server stop the running VM or should it be done using the Windows method which is best ?

    After shutting down the Server VM i want to shutdown the host serever, Should I just be shutting down the ESXi host and allowing the host to stop the virtual machine which I use to manage this server using the ” Configuration / Software / Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown ” options on the vSphere Client settings ?

    I ask this because when I shut down the guest os this will stop Opmonis and the server will then not shut itself down because opmonis will not signal it to do so or have I missed something ?

    Thanks again.


    Bernd Holzer

    Hi Tim,

    if you have already configured your ESXi host to shutdown gracefully all running VMs and everything is fine for you, then it is enough to let OPMONis shutdown the ESXi host.

    If OPMONis triggers the shutdown of the VM on which it is running, you have to remove the checkbox “await execution”. So OPMONis will trigger the shutdown, but does not wait until the shutdown is complete. So if you shutdown your ESXi host, just remove the checkbox “await execution” and everything is fine.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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